Claire Atkins is a curious and multi-talented artist who refuses to be pinned down. Over the last twenty years she has worked as a painter, printmaker, potter, actor, producer, writer, creative director and magazine editor. Most recently she picked up the ukulele and unexpectedly found herself writing an album.

Her debut EP is inspired by Nietzsche’s thought experiment Eternal Return, that asks, if the universe and everything within it is recurring infinitely, would you be willing to live it over again ⏤ every joy and every heartbreak again ⏤ and innumerable times again?

With a unique voice that has been likened to Natalie Merchant and Julia Stone, Claire’s story-driven songs are an intimate conversation about pleasure and pain that pulsate with fantastical imagery and hypnotic beats. 

Together with producer Paul Pilsneniks and a band of dazzling instrumentalists, she has created a shimmering debut album.